Company Origins

Danayarzar was established in 2011 as a construction company.
Throung hard work, dedication, and overcoming extraordinary challenges,
we have become a company who's quality of service has become
one of the finest in the field of electricity and energy.

Who We Are

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Work Scope

Working alongside the Burmese government to meet the growing demand for electricity in Myanmar, Danayarzar has been provided numerous opportunities for sizable projects in all 3 sectors of generation, transmission, and distribution.

With the government’s vision to increase foreign investment in the power sector, the company has been granted numerous projects in these fields.

These include a number of transmission lines such as 500 kV, 230 kV, 66kV lines.

Alongside the transmission lines, we have also been granted new substation construction projects and control over a significant portion of the logistics of sold goods that we have fostered via our trading sector.

Mission -

Our mission is to deliver reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity solutions to the people of Myanmar.
We are dedicated to ensuring efficient generation, transmission, and distribution of power, while prioritizing customer satisfaction.
Through continuous innovation, operational excellence, and environmental stewardship, we strive to meet the present energy needs of our nation and contribute to its socio-economic development.

Vision -

Our vision is to become Myanmar's leading electricity and power company, delivering superior service, customer satisfaction, and transformative impact in the energy sector.
We aim to be the preferred choice for reliable and sustainable power generation, transmission, and distribution, driving progress and enriching lives across the nation.